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Title: Kelly Sargeant, Interview Coach for Miss USA, Facilitates an Empowering Discussion Amidst Industry Challenges

Richmond, Texas, United States, 21st May 2024, King NewsWire - Kelly Sargeant, an official interview coach for the preliminaries of Miss USA, assembled a team of experts as panelist and led an empowering conversation about the current challenges within the pageant industry. She opened the discussion with, “We don’t know the facts surrounding the allegations associated with the Miss USA pageant, however, we do know that there’s abuse of power, sexual harassment, sexual and physical abuse every day, in every industry and that there’s a culture of silence. This is a safe forum where we want to hear from you and offer you guidance on how to navigate the challenges that we know are ahead, and even those that we don’t.”  Questions from aspiring Titleholders included:“What should I look for in an NDA?”“What should we do if we are asked to sign contracts the night of our win with no time for review by our attorney?”“Since there’s no compliance hotline in pageantry, who should we talk to if we are being pressured to do something that crosses the boundaries and makes us uncomfortable?”“For some pageants, why is the Director the final decision maker of who wins the title and the judges’ decision isn’t honored?”Join the conversation! The next call is scheduled on Friday, June 14, 2024, at 6pm Central.#wewillbeHEARD#weareNOTsilenced

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