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Title: New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) engages Alexander Paykin and Sameer Somal for Reputation Management CLE Programs

The New York State Bar Association announced two new Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs focused on online reputation management. Sameer Somal, a defamation expert witness, and Alexander Paykin, a commercial litigator, will present the featured programs. These CLEs will be offered several weeks apart in May and June. You can register for the May program here. They are designed to provide actionable strategies for lawyers to make informed online reputation decisions for their practice, firms, and clients. The programs will explore several aspects of online reputation management, review appropriate code standards, and highlight real-world case studies. "Reputation is your most precious asset. For attorneys, maintaining a positive online reputation is critical in today's digital age where true or false information can spread swiftly to millions of people,” said Somal. While building a positive reputation may take years, a single negative review or defamatory article can be catastrophic. Mitigating reputation risk is foundational to one’s personal and professional opportunity set.”Paykin added, “Online Reputation Management helps present attorneys and their firms to potential clients in the intended light. People searching for a lawyer or law firm online typically perceive the first search engine results as accurately reflecting their credibility. It sticks with them if they encounter unfavorable and woefully inaccurate information, potentially dissuading them from engaging the attorney.  There are many bad actors out there, and while suing anonymous online reviewers for defamation is just not practical, and fighting the online services that post them obscenely wasteful. Learning how to optimize what appears when your name is searched for...

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