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Title: Netzoll Leads Digital Marketing Revolution with AI and Personalization Strategies

London, United Kingdom, 17th May 2024 - Digital marketing is moving fast, and you need to keep up. At Netzoll, a digital marketing firm in London, co-founder Tamas Biro and his team are leading the way. We spoke with Biro to learn about the future of digital marketing.Getting Up Close and Personal"Personalisation isn’t just a buzzword," says Biro. It's about getting right into your customer's living room and predicting what they'll want next—maybe even before they do. His team is using AI and data to create experiences that feel like they’re made just for you.AI: Your New Creative DirectorThink of AI as a talented team member who does it all. At Netzoll, AI is not just crunching numbers but also creating content, adjusting ads instantly, and shaping brands. It’s about keeping you ahead in a fast-moving market.Good for the Planet, Good for BusinessThese days, customers want to feel good about where they spend their money. Biro emphasises, “We’re not just selling; we’re communicating values.” The firm is leading with green strategies, helping brands make a difference—and look good doing it.The New Way to SearchHow we search for things is changing. With voice and visual search becoming more popular, the team is updating SEO to keep their clients visible, no matter how customers are searching. To learn more about the rising voice search and modern SEO, read this article written by Netzoll: Beyond Keywords: The Rise of Voice Search Optimisation in 2024.Marketing with a ConsciencePrivacy concerns are real. Biro knows it’s important to respect these concerns while still reaching out. “It’s a balancing act,” he admits. The firm is crafting strategies that respect privacy but still grab attention.Make It InteractiveInteractive content isn’t just engaging; it’s enlightening. It t...

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