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Title: Visa Information For Canada Visa For Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland Citizens

CANADA VISA FOR LITHUANIA CITIZENSThe Canadian government implemented an online authorization system in 2015 to make it easier for foreign tourists and visitors to enter the country. People from Lithuania and 57 other countries and territories are allowed to travel to Canada for short stays without requiring a visa. Canadians do not need a visa for traveling to Lithuania. Lithuanian nationals with a valid Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) are permitted to travel to Canada. When flying abroad as a Lithuanian, you are required to get a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization. You are able to travel to Canada under the visa waiver program without needing to schedule a visit to the Canadian Embassy or obtain a standard visa. Lithuanians are required to have an approved eTA in order to allow entry into Canada. It lets foreign people of certain nations to enter Canada for tourism, business, or transit. It is a multiple entry permit, each granting a maximum stay of 180 days. The eTA for Canada is electronically linked to the Lithuanian passport and is valid for 5 years, except for passports that expire earlier. In this case, the Canadian eTA expires at the same time as the passport. Once Lithuanian citizens have confirmed that they meet the eTA requirements, they can proceed to completing the Canadian eTA application form. This is a simple questionnaire that will take you a few minutes to complete. WHAT DOCUMENTS DO I NEED FOR A CANADIAN ETA?Valid passport – to apply for a Canada ETA, your travel document needs to maintain valid for six more months from your arrival date in Canada.E-mail – provide a correct email address because we will send your ETA by that email. Besides, we recommend that you print your ETA.Payments – to pay your request, you can use a cr...

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