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Title: Church of Scientology Celebrates the Opening of Its Ideal Organization in Paris

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 9th Apr 2024 – In a grand ceremony that resonated with the cultural vibrancy of Paris, the Church of Scientology inaugurated its latest Ideal Church in one of the iconic areas of the capital, marking a significant milestone in its global expansion. The new facility, located on Avenue President Wilson in Gran Paris Saint-Denis, stands as a testament to the Church's commitment to showcasing Scientology and providing comprehensive congregational services in this new place of worship.The unveiling of the six-story structure, composed of glass and wood, took place on Saturday, drawing attendees from across France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, UK, the USA and others, including prominent figures from the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) and distinguished guests from various sectors.Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center and the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology, presided over the event. He highlighted the unparalleled significance of establishing an Ideal Church in Paris, a city he referred to as the "Cultural Capital of Earth." Mr. Miscavige emphasized, “While we’ve opened Ideal Orgs in other cultural epicenters, megacities of significance to our entire global movement, well, this one crowns them all."Mr. Miscavige also drew parallels between Paris's emblematic values of liberty, equality, and fraternity and the Church's core mission, underscoring the city's historical role in championing human rights.The ceremony featured speeches from various experts and advocates, including Dr. Mouslim Fidahoussen, a religious scholar and Imam, who praised the Church's efforts in spreading L. Ron Hubbard’s moral guidelines through The Way to Happiness. Mr. Jean Maher, an international human rights...

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