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Title: KingSpec Launches Memostone Series - Redefining Portable Data Storage

China, 3rd Apr 2024 - Exciting news! Shenzhen KingSpec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will usher in a new chapter of industrial expansion in the New Year, launching a new portable data storage series - Memostone.Memostone is a new innovative series under the KingSpec Group that is committed to offering portable data storage solutions to global users. The main product lines of Memostone are portable SSD, USB SSD (USSD), and other portable storage products. The primary mission is to provide customers with portable storage solutions characterized by high speed, lightness, compactness, portability, data privacy, large storage capacity, data backup awareness, and multi-device compatibility. Memostone aims to provide the most suitable portable storage solutions for users from various professions, such as office workers, gamers, photography enthusiasts, content creators, and more diverse groups requiring portable devices for convenient data transfer and backup.Memostone US1 USB SSDUS1 USSD marks the debut of the Memostone series in March this year. The US1 features USB 3.2 Gen2 with Type C and Type A interfaces, 128GB to 1TB capacity, and read/write speeds of up to 560/520MB/s. It is almost fifteen times faster than the traditional USB 2.0 and only takes 5~8 seconds to transfer 1TB of files. This performance subverts the speed experience of conventional USB drives. This new technology inherits the speed of SSD and combines it with the USB, providing a better user experience for those who need to process data on the go.US1 features a zinc alloy metal casing for enhanced durability and heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance even after prolonged use. In addition, this USSD compatibility extends to various devices, including but not limited to And...

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