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Title: Global Experts Convene at UN NGO CSW68 New York Forum: In-Depth Exploration of Cultural, Gender, Species, and Digital Equity

Taipei, Taiwan, 28th Mar 2024 -  New York, March 11th to March 22nd, 2024, became the focal point of global equity issues, hosting a grand international conference. Lovetree  Foundation hosted the UN NGO CSW68 United Nations Equity Forum on March 22nd, aiming to lead exploration of new dimensions and themes in equity issues. This forum focused on important issues such as cultural, gender, species, and digital equity, continuing and promoting the Lovetree Foundation's philosophy of diverse arts equity development for over 40 years.          Chairman of Lovetree Foundation, James Wei ( I-Lung Wei), emphasized the criticality of ESG equity and digital cultural equity, kicking off the equity forum. CEO Tony Yuan ( Chia-Fu Yuan ) and international male model Luca Cuni humorously focused on the practice of cultural equity, sharing the foundation's experience and achievements in this field over the years. Cellist Professor Chien-An Chen, through musical performance, complemented the opening remarks, leading the discussion on equity issues from a unique artistic perspective. Subsequently, Professor Pedro Cuni of Parsons University explored the history and impact of women's equity from a visual arts perspective. During the tea break, attendees shared the aesthetics of the tea ceremony with representatives of Sawakai tea ceremony, Professor Koizumi Soubi, and handsome physician tea master  Ito Shun, appreciating the expression and performance of diverse arts. (Note:茶和会(Sawakai)  Tea Party Date: 2024 May 19 (Sunday), Time: 10a.m. to 5p.m., Place: Kyoto International Conference Center, Tea Ceremony House Hoshoan, Fee: 200USD, Contact adress: Ito.medtea@gmail.com)Cellist Professor  Chien-An Chen Ito Shun (Left)...

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