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Title: Woman and Her Dog Cross the Perilous Darien Gap Jungle on Foot to Raise Money for Girls Programs

United States, 26th Mar 2024– Canadian and California business-owner, Jess Stone, has completed a harrowing 5-day trek through the Darien jungle alongside her husband and 10-month-old White Swiss Shepherd puppy, Whimsy.This mountainous jungle region along the Panama-Colombia border is popularly called the “Darien Gap” because it describes a roughly 100-km ‘gap’ in the Pan-American Highway. It is a highly remote and richly biodiverse wilderness through which some 2,000 undocumented migrants attempt to reach the United States each day.“The very first migrant we encountered was desperate for food after days of walking. We saw hundreds each day – parents holding the hands of small children, and carrying toddlers and babies in their arms.“They scaled boulders, wadded through chest-deep water, and slept out in the open for days. Many described being robbed at gunpoint of all their money and belongings. It was incredible determination and heartbreaking to witness.”To complete this dangerous jungle crossing, Stone joined an armed patrol from Panama’s national border police, the Servicio Nacional de Fronteras (SENAFRONT), which routinely provides lifesaving aid to injured migrants.This accomplishment is part of a larger global expedition that has featured numerous triumphs and disasters. After successfully reaching the Arctic Ocean with her dog riding on the motorcycle, Stone’s husband suffered a severe motorcycle accident and, separately, her first canine companion, Moxie, passed away due to complications from a routine surgery.Despite the setbacks, the team persists in their $100K fundraiser goal so, as Stone describes, “young girls will be inspired to follow their own crazy dreams.” The adventure also aims to demonstrate the durability of Stone's ethical outdoo...

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