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Title: Invest in Dog Gold; Pablo's Path to Fame with Exclusive Picture Books the Ultimate Investment

                                                                                                                                           United Kingdom, 26th Mar 2024, King NewsWire - Pablo is a social media star (with well over 100,000 Instagram and TikTok followers), he’s the star of a billboard campaign, and now the star of his own book series. And Pablo is a dog. His owner’s quest to make him famous is quite by design, hoping it might kickstart a new cultural trend.  “The beauty of dog fame is there is no downside,” says Bobby Breese. “Dogs are attention seekers, much like some wannabee reality TV stars. But the difference is that attention and fame don’t change a dog’s personality, they are completely unaware of their changed status. Concepts of fame or notoriety don't enter their consciousness, they don’t see fame and celebrity as measures of success, and paparazzi intrusion wouldn’t cause them any undue stress or lead to a stint in rehab. All it means to them is more attention, treats, and belly rubs from strangers, and human attention is exactly what dogs hanker after...

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