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Title: Email validator is essential for customer retention, which increases revenue by 25 to 95 percent

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 25th Mar 2024 - Attracting new customers costs 5 to 25 times more than retaining an old one, and email marketing is a very effective strategy for consolidating relationships with those who have already done business with your company.The chances of selling to a lead who already knows your product or service are high: 60% to 70%. The data is from Semrush, citing Forbes.However, it is only possible to consolidate lead retention strategies if the emails reach the inbox. And this is when the email validator makes all the difference.That's because who is your lead today can become a bounce tomorrow. Contacts that fail to engage, emails that are not delivered for any reasons (inbox full, recipient ISP failures, etc.), alias addresses that have been deactivated and a multitude of other reasons can turn a healthy list into a risk for the business.The email validator updates the databases, removing all addresses that contain delivery failures and, are therefore, harmful to investments in communication. It is worth remembering that 3% bounces are enough to compromise the sender's reputation and classify them as a spammer.As a consequence, customer retention campaigns are blocked, contact with the lead is interrupted and investments are collapsed.Email marketing lives up to the highest ROI in digital marketing, reaching $42 for every dollar. However, to take advantage of everything this profitability has to offer, it is necessary to adopt email validation as a basic premise.This way, not only communication between the sales team and leads remain strengthened, but customer retention strategies also turn into results, generating a revenue increase of between 25% and 95%, if you keep just 5% of your customers engaged. Check your email lists frequently!Read...

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