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Title: ABR Electric Leads the Way in Plano, TX, with Vortexx Surge Protector Installations

Plano, Texas, United States, 23rd Mar 2024 – In a strategic move to advance electrical safety standards within the community, ABR Electric, a premier electrical service provider based in Plano, Texas, proudly announces its new initiative to install the Vortexx™ Series R 1-Phase Surge Protector. This initiative aligns with Plano's adoption of the 2020 National Electrical Code, emphasizing the city's commitment to the highest levels of electrical safety and regulatory compliance for its citizens.The Vortexx™ Surge Protector emerges as a leader in electrical defense technology, providing unparalleled protection against the rising frequency and intensity of electrical surges from storms and power grid disruptions. Certified under the rigorous standards of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and adhering to the latest requirements of Plano's Electrical Code, ABR Electric's team of seasoned electricians is poised to offer this critical protection for both residential and commercial properties.Key Features of the Vortexx™ Series R 1-Phase Surge Protector:Extreme Temperature Tolerance: Withstands a wide temperature range from -40 to +185°F, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions.High Durability and Protection: Rated IP66 for dust and water resistance, making it suitable for diverse installations.Powerful Surge Protection: Offers a maximum discharge current of 120kA and a nominal discharge current of 20kA, providing robust defense against significant electrical surges, including those induced by distant lightning strikes.Flexible Installation Options: Can be installed as either Type 1 (directly without a breaker) or Type 2 (using a recommended 20A-60A breaker), allowing for versatile application in different electrical setups.Diagno...

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