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Title: Vilasinee Kittikasemsak, Vice President of King Stella Group, Receives the Outstanding Businesswoman Award on International Women's Day 2024

Thailand, 22nd Mar 2024, King NewsWire - “In recognition of her commitment to human rights, equality, gender equality, and quality-of-life improvement, Vilasinee Kittikasemsak, Vice President of King Stella Group, recently received the Outstanding Businesswoman Award 2024. The award was presented as part of the International Women’s Day 2024 celebration. The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security bestowed this accolade to honor exemplary new-generation and veteran businesswomen who have demonstrated remarkable career achievements, served as role models, and supported women’s participation in national economic and social development.”Vilasinee Kittikasemsak, Vice President of King Stella Group, says, "I am immensely pleased and honored to have won this award. After 30 years of working, I can say that King Stella Group has made social development and human security its primary missions. The company is dedicated to developing local communities and empowering women in various aspects, including human rights, labor rights, vendors’ rights, and customers’ rights. This support is aimed at promoting equality, gender equality, reducing gaps within our organization, and improving the quality of life for children, youth, vulnerable groups, and the elderly, with the goal of enhancing everyone's well-being and creating value for all. Our commitment is in line with our philosophy of ‘EMPOWERING FAMILY LOVERS.’Winning this award has filled me with tremendous pride as an entrepreneur. Simultaneously, I believe it will inspire all Thai businesswomen and bolster their confidence in their abilities and roles. Businesswomen play a crucial role in driving business success and can serve as role models by contributing to both the business sector and society.""The International...

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