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Title: Vengard Mining Breaks New Ground with Record Hash Rate and Expansion at Fintech Summit Tokyo, Japan

              Japan, 21st Mar 2024, King NewsWire — Vengard Mining, a leader in the global cryptocurrency industry known for its exceptional security measures and innovative technology, today announced a groundbreaking achievement in latest’s mining technology with a record hash rate of 863.18 TH/s. This milestone, announced following productive discussions with Bitmain's CFO at the Fintech Summit in March 2024, marks a new era of efficiency and safety in Bitcoin mining.                        The company's commitment to advancing Bitcoin mining technology aligns with its mission to foster a decentralised and secure Bitcoin network while enhancing energy efficiency. As a trailblazer in the field, Vengard Mining is dedicated to sustainable business practices, developing the Ven Token ecosystem, and maintaining operational transparency and integrity to maximise investor benefits.In addition to these technological advances, Vengard Mining is excited to reveal the launch of new mining farms in the UAE and Australia, expanding its global footprint and reinforcing its position as a sustainable, trustworthy leader in the cryptocurrency mining sector."The Fintech Summit has been a beacon for future collaborations and growth. Our talks with industry giants like Bitmain's CFO have opened doors to unparalleled possibilities for Vengard Mining's path forward," said DR John.V.Wigglesworth, COO at Vengard Mining. "Our new record hash rate and the expansion into the UAE and Australia are just the beginning of what we promise to be an exceptional journey into the future of cryptocurrency mining."Vengard Mining invites all stakeholders and interested parties to keep abreast of their...

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