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Title: Fresco Bike Electric Wheelchair supplies wheelchair solutions of the highest quality that meet the requirements of all disabled users.

Malaysia, 18th Mar 2024, King NewsWire - There are many advantages of using an electric wheelchair than using an electric wheelchair. Many people think that electric wheelchairs are expensive and not worth it for someone without knowing the patient's own wishes. Good news for all potential users of electric wheelchairs, we offer affordable electric wheelchairs with ready stock in Malaysia. We at Fresco Bike are among Malaysia's most popular electric wheelchair sellers at the moment. More than 10,000 units have been sold since it was established 10 years ago by offering affordable electric wheelchairs for all. With a 1-year warranty and ready stock of spare parts for each electric wheelchair. We also offer a repair service for your electric wheelchair at Fresco bike.“We understand the challenges individuals face when seeking affordable electric wheelchairs. Hence, we proudly provide accessible solutions with cost-effective electric wheelchairs accompanied by comprehensive warranties and readily available spare parts. Our commitment ensures accessibility and reliability for all users, catering to their diverse needs with confidence and efficiency.” Commented Mr Kamarul, Sales person from Fresco Bike “This is an opportunity for you”.Come check out Fresco Bike and give our electric wheelchairs a test ride. We'll show you how to use them and keep the battery going strong for up to 3 years. Plus, we're here for any help you need after your purchase, and we keep spare parts like batteries, chargers, tires, and more in stock.Facilitate the movement of disabled patientsFor users with mobility problems.Offers teach users move using an electric wheelchair.Get electric wheelchair service.Easy to find spare parts and also affordable service prices.Do have a look on our others p...

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