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Title: A New Era for Social Authenticity: AANN.ai creator of AN Social Authenticity Network, is bringing SocAuth to Online Social Media Globally

Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland, 18th Mar 2024 - AANN.ai  is excited to announce the start of the go-to-market for AN Social Authenticy Network, a new generation #SocAuth platform. (AN) is designed to help users elevate provable social authenticity, support genuine interactions, and offer its users the ability to monetize their realness!AN Social Authenticity Network utilises the latest innovations in AI/Web3-Web2 technologies, designed to offer user friendly trust centric environments for peer to peer connections, authentic social interactions, and genuine reviews. Drawing on a combination of innovative technologies, along with cutting-edge AI solutions, (AN) offers a range of services aimed at enhancing users’ provable social authenticity.(AN) is designed to assist online social media users win the war against misleading & fake information, responsible for over 160 billion US dollars in losses annually to users, businesses, brands and advertisers globally.  AN Social Authenticity Network offers its users an auditable Social Trust Metric (STM),  which equips our network participants with the tools necessary to make well-informed decisions based on reliable, unbiased data, helping to mitigate the risks associated with disinformation, bots, and misleading reviews. AN Social Authenticity Network offers its users the opportunity to monetize their established trust through social interactions, reviews, and content contributions. “AN #SocAuth platform heralds a new era of online social authenticity, where genuine interactions are not only encouraged but also rewarded,” said Sandor Miklos, CEO at AANN.ai. “We firmly believe that by prioritising authenticity and trust, we can create a safer, more inclusive online environment fo...

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