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Title: Swedish religious freedom law and Scientology’s recognition mark 24 years

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 18th Mar 2024 - In the cities of Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmö members of the Scientology community came together to commemorate a milestone in their history, the registration as a religious community in March 2000. After 24 years since its recognition, it prompts us to ponder on the path that led them to this remarkable event.On March 13, 2000, the Swedish government made an affirmative move by officially recognizing the Church of Scientology as a religion within the country. This decision represented the culmination of efforts to ensure that Scientology received equal rights and status alongside other religious groups in the nation. It was not only a moment for Scientologists in Sweden but also had broader implications for religious freedom and inclusivity worldwide as other countries in Europe followed in improving the recognition of this fundamental right, like Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands and even decisions by the European Court of Human Rights.The foundation of liberty in Sweden runs deep with laws protecting freedom of religion established back in 1951 and subsequently enshrined in the Swedish Constitution and later improved further with the law of separation of church and state in that came into effect on January 1, 2000, making it a significant legislative change. This legal framework guarantees individuals the right to practice their faith privately or collectively without facing discrimination or restrictions based on their beliefs. It was against this backdrop of openness and legal safeguards that the Church of Scientology pursued recognition, within society.The development of laws concerning freedom in Sweden reflects the nations' dedication to human rights and individual liberties. Initially dominated by th...

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