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Title: Hillside Winery Marks 40 Years with the Launch of Their New Website — Which Celebrates the Region

Naramata, BC, March 7, 2024 – Hillside Winery is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned website, to mark the 40th anniversary of its vineyards. The website showcases not just Hillside’s legacy, but its connection to the region. “We wanted to express the spirit of community and excellence here in Naramata Bench,” said Lauren Selfridge, Marketing & DTC Manager at Hillside Winery. “Not just the extraordinary terroir, but all aspects of this place where we have chosen to make wine.”Developed in collaboration with digital marketing specialists 5forests, the new site embodies the spirit of Hillside and its journey through the decades.Naramata Grown…And RaisedSince its foundation in 1984, Hillside Winery has embodied the spirit of the Naramata Bench and the British Columbia territory. The focus has been on marrying traditional methods with terroir-focused viticulture, resulting in award-winning wines that reflect this unique place.“We are proud to launch our new website in partnership with 5forests, as we celebrate 40 years of passion for winemaking,” said Selfridge. “This collaboration has allowed us to showcase our journey, our wines, and our dedication to the Naramata Bench in a way that resonates with today’s digital audience.”“Working with Hillside Winery on their new website has been an absolute joy for 5forests,” said Polly Hammond, Founder, 5forests. “Michael Bourne, our VP of Engineering, grew up right around the corner from Hillside!”She says that Michael’s roots in the region has enabled the team to reflect Hillside from the roots up. “Hillside is a leader in the British Columbia wine industry and we were mindful of the entire region throughout the process,” Hammond went on.Celebrating a Rich History and a Bright FutureThe launch of t...

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