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Title: Evoload: Partnership with IBC Group & Presale on Pinksale

 Sibiu, Romania, Romania, 7th Mar 2024 - Evoload is a platform that is revolutionizing the trucking industry through smart contracts and artificial intelligence. The company has recently announced a strategic partnership with IBC Group, a world-renowned leader in blockchain consulting. This partnership, together with IBC Group investment, marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing the logistics industry through blockchain technology and AI."At Evoload, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of efficiency in logistics" said Razvan Popa, CEO of Evoload. "Partnering with IBC Group allows us to tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience in blockchain consulting, enabling us to accelerate our growth and deliver unparalleled value to our customers."IBC Group's involvement in the partnership goes beyond financial investment. As trusted advisors, they will provide strategic guidance and marketing services to Evoload, helping the company navigate the complexities of the blockchain industry and reach new heights of success. The collaboration between Evoload and IBC Group signifies a shared vision for the future of blockchain-integrated logistics. Leveraging Evoload's cutting-edge technology and IBC Group's expertise, the partnership aims to drive innovation, efficiency, and transparency across the logistics ecosystem.Evoload Presale on PinksaleIn addition to the partnership announcement, Evoload is thrilled to unveil its upcoming presale on Pinksale. This presale, scheduled to begin on 7th March at 19:00 CET, presents an opportunity for investors to participate in Evoload's journey toward reshaping the logistics landscape.The presale will allow investors to become early supporters of Evoload's mission to streamline logistics processes, empower stak...

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