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Title: Unlocking global brand success: Insights from brand practitioners worldwide in 'State of the Brand 2024’ digest launched by TMA Global Brand Consultancy.

India, 5th Mar 2024 - TMA Global Brand Consultancy, a leading brand strategy studio has announced the release of their acclaimed digest, "State of the Brand 2024". Pre-launched by Anand Sankaranarayanan, Co-Founder and Brand Strategist at the Marketing 2.0 Conference held in Dubai on February 20, 2024, this initiative commemorates their third-year anniversary, emphasizing the significance of strategic brand initiatives for businesses worldwide.Officially released to the public on February 28th, this digest serves as a comprehensive branding resource, featuring invaluable insights, practical ideas, and strategic interventions curated by seasoned brand practitioners and business leaders from around the world."What sets this Digest apart is the diversity of perspectives blended together, offering profound insights and strategic interventions on the art and science of branding. Eleven authors from six countries have contributed to this debut edition, creating a diverse range of topics with in-depth insights on four compelling themes." said Anand.The themes explored in the digest include: Beyond boundaries; Global branding in 2024Tech trends shaping brandsPurpose-driven branding for a sustainable futureB2B branding - yesterday, today and tomorrowThe digest covers a wide range of topics such as brand strategy, cultural fluidity, data analytics, martech, purpose-driven initiatives, storytelling, humanizing B2B brands, and more. Each article offers profound insights and practical advice, making it an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders alike.Contributors to "State of the Brand 2024" include: Amanda Campbell, Director of Sparkling Communications, Ireland Anand Sankaranarayanan, Co-Founder of TMA Global, IndiaBill Kenney,...

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