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Title: In the Realm of Cybersecurity: Patrick O'Connor's New Sci-Fi Thriller 'BISENTIENT' Unveils a World of Alien Intrigue and Parallel Realities

Ealing, London, United Kingdom, 4th Mar 2024, King NewsWire - Patrick O'Connor, a retired cybersecurity specialist and former competitive chess player, has unveiled his latest novel, "BISENTIENT," a gripping science fiction thriller that delves into the realms of alien influence and parallel realities. The story is set in a world where aliens have been subtly manipulating human behavior through the "Realm," a parallel dimension accessible during sleep and altered states. They aim to create chaos and destruction on Earth before claiming it for themselves. The aliens' influence extends to human religions, including occult belief systems, and certain coma patients possess special abilities in the Realm.The narrative unfolds through the eyes of Mason, a cameraman who encounters Gail, a coma patient with remarkable abilities. As Mason begins to experience the Realm and the real world simultaneously, he enlists the help of Molly, an intern at the film company, to understand his newfound abilities.Meanwhile, in the United States, a charismatic church leader named Rev. Daniels enters politics and gains a following with his seemingly cult-like religion. The church begins constructing a mysterious machine that they believe will facilitate the second coming. However, a secret organization suspects alien involvement and works to counter the threat.As the story progresses, Mason, Gail, and Zach, a technician implanted with a prototype chip, join forces to stop the aliens' influence in the Realm and prevent the construction of the machine. Molly volunteers to infiltrate Rev. Daniels' church, adding another layer of intrigue to the plot.With the aliens fearing Mason's unique abilities, the stakes are high as the characters navigate a complex web of deception and manipulation. Wil...

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