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Title: COP28 Accommodation & Transport Shortage After Pope Confirms Attendance

With Pope Francis Attending COP28, Accommodation & Transport For COP28 Sees Demand Reaching All Time Highs And Increased PricingWith Pope Francis recently confirming his attendance, the demand for accommodation and transport has reached an all-time high, leading to a shortage of options for attendees. However, Royal Concierge is here to alleviate any concerns and provide a seamless experience for all COP28 participants. The COP28 event, which will be held in Dubai, is expected to attract a large number of international delegates and dignitaries. With limited options for accommodation and transport, Royal Concierge has stepped in to offer a solution. The company has secured a small number of quality hotel accommodations at preferential rates, ensuring that attendees have a comfortable and convenient stay during the event. In addition to accommodation, Royal Concierge is also offering transport services for COP28 attendees. Royal Concierge Warns That Pricing For COP28 Transport & Hotels Are Rising DailyWith prices for transportation rising daily, Royal Concierge is urging delegates needing to travel to and from the event venue to immediately organise their transportation for the entire duration of the event. This will not only save attendees the hassle of arranging their own transport but also ensure that they arrive on time for all the important sessions and events. COP28 Accommodation & Transport Service, Royal Concierge, Is Committed To Making The Process Of Finding Suitable Transport & Accommodation For COP28 Attendees A Simple OneSpeaking about their services, a spokesperson for Royal Concierge said, "We are excited to be a part of the COP28 event and are committed to making the process of COP28 accommodation and transport a stress-free...

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