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Title: EnigmaFund Venture Capital's Web3 fund launches Excelsior, offering angel investors access to exclusive crypto investment opportunities

Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 20th Nov 2023 - Web3 venture capital firm EnigmaFund’s unique model allocates 70% of its funds to Web3 startups it advises. This distinctive approach's results have generated a surge in interest and inquiries from friends and associates of the venture fund's limited partners (LPs), resulting in the development of Excelsior.Enigma, Founder and General Partner of EnigmaFund Ventures explains: “Increasingly, friends and associates of our LPs have been approaching us to co-invest in our premium, highly vetted deal-flow. Excelsior is our response to that call. These sophisticated individuals are seeking exposure to exciting crypto companies at stages far earlier than public launches, expressing a strong interest in actively supporting the growth of the Web3 economy and decentralization.”The release of Excelsior has been supported by a strategic partnership with Presail, the leading Web3 fundraising infrastructure provider. Excelsior unifies all aspects of Web 3.0 investments on its platform via this partnership — covering fundraising, allocation management, token distribution, compliance, and OTC trading.This integration democratizes the investment process, giving individual investors the opportunity to participate in deals that were once the exclusive domain of institutional players.All investments are housed in the platform and tracked on-chain, with total transparency and ease of distribution. Beyond getting involved in each fundraise at early stages, the participants can also trade their vesting token assets before they are live on the market, giving them liquidity and optionality. “Presail is pleased to provide the core fundraising infrastructure for Excelsior, supporting their goal to make early-stage Web3 opportunities more accessib...

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