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Title: Hoodie Chicken Launches the HCT Token & NFT to Empower Change

London, United Kingdom, 26th May 2024 - Hoodie Chicken has officially announced the release of its new cryptocurrency, the Hoodie Chicken Token (HCT). This initiative targets critical social issues such as weapon violence and online bullying, utilising digital currencies and NFTs for social activism.The Hoodie Chicken Token comes with a total supply of 100 trillion tokens allocated to sustain ecosystem growth and enhance the impact of its social mission. The distribution strategy includes 13 trillion tokens for private sales and 11.5 trillion for presales. To ensure liquidity, 20 trillion tokens have been allocated, alongside 1 trillion for community airdrops and 43.5 trillion for a controlled token burn process to manage scarcity and enhance value. Furthermore, 1 trillion tokens will be earmarked for marketing, post-launch to support promotional activities.The platform emphasises community building, offering its initial investors the first 1,000 NFTs for free, promoting early participation and engagement. This strategy highlights Hoodie Chicken's commitment to its foundational goals.Scheduled for June 2024, the staking feature for Hoodie Chicken tokens will allow investors to earn passive rewards, which enhances the token's utility and encourages community involvement. This feature supports the platform's dual goals of economic and social benefits for its users.Hoodie Chicken also leverages advanced blockchain technology for efficient transaction processing. Utilising the Proof of Stake mechanism ensures quick transactions and minimal fees, improving accessibility and user experience.The roadmap for Hoodie Chicken outlines a strategic development plan. The initial phase involves conceptualising the project, forming the team, and spreading awareness globally, followed b...

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